Reiki for relaxation

I’ve been practicing Reiki since I received my attunement in India with Shanti-ji in 2011. The attunement process itself was a powerful spiritual experience. Now as a practitioner, I find it both moving and rewarding to give Reiki and very meditative to practice on myself. Each experience teaches me something new.

Reiki is a healing technique where the practitioner uses their palms (with or without touch) to help guide the life force energy present in the body. The energy or ‘ki’ is said to be present in all living things, similar to the concept of ‘prana’ in yoga. People choose to receive Reiki for many reasons; for relaxation, to treat stress, to help heal injuries or in dealing with chronic illness.

I believe that Reiki (like yoga) is available to anyone. The main criteria to try it are to have an open mind and to allow yourself to be open to the possibility that it might work!

As a new mother I quickly found that there is very little time for sleep and relaxation.  I was able to find an hour or two here and there for a nap, which always seemed to end too soon.  My experience with incorporating Reiki into my busy schedule was a great benefit to my overall well-being.  Reiki made me feel very relaxed, took my mind off everything that had to be done and made me feel much more rested.  By having a Reiki session followed by a short nap I felt as though I had about 4-5 hours of sleep, leaving me feeling rejuvenated.  Sarah made me feel totally at ease, at times I began to fall asleep during Reiki because I was fairly exhausted to begin with, not having to worry about falling asleep made the experience that much more enjoyable. ~ Jenny

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