Choosing a yoga class style

What style of yoga do you teach? What style of yoga do you practice? I often get asked these questions. Akhanda Yoga is the name my teacher (Yogrishi Vishvketu) has given to this particular style of holistic teachings which draw from Hatha Yoga.

While Hatha may be considered a broad term, Akhanda means complete, whole and unbroken and goes beyond the physical inclusion of asanas. This style of yoga is adaptable from a gentle beginner’s class to an intense flow for more advanced yoga students. It includes kundalini and hatha-raja (honey bee sound).

As for what style I practice, well that depends. At home I would say Akhanda mostly, but sometimes I incorporate other elements into my practice, such as prayer and writing. I prefer group classes that have a little physical challenge yet allow enough time and space to connect mind and body, especially by having adequate time for meditation at the end. The teacher makes a difference as well. Sometimes the style offered may not be all I was looking for but the energy and enthusiasm of the teacher will have me going back for more.

For those new to yoga and wondering where to start, I suggest to first ask yourself what are you looking for then do your research. You may be interested in yoga mainly to get in shape, to help manage an illness, to deal with stress, or for meditation or… the reasons are many.  Then try out a few classes in your area, get to know different teachers until you feel drawn to a particular class style or teacher that feels right for you. If going to a studio, drop in rates tend to be more expensive. Refrain from signing up for a bulk package of classes until you know you are in the right place.

Want to learn more? Check out these online classes from the comfort of your home, with my teacher and me!


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