How can I stay myself?

Osho ~ Intimacy – Trusting Oneself and the Other…

…In fact, everybody is unique. If you can stop constantly running after goals for even a single moment, you will realize that you are unique. It is nothing to be discovered; it is already there. It is already the case: to be is to be unique. There is no other way of being. Every leaf on a tree is unique, every pebble on the shore is unique; there is no other way of being…

How can you become more unique than you are already? Uniqueness is already there; you have to discover it. You are not to invent it; it is hidden within you. You have to expose it to existence, that’s all. It is your treasure. It is your very being, your very core of being. You just have to close your eyes and look at yourself. You have to stop for a while and rest and look. But you are running so fast, you are in such a great haste to achieve it, that you will miss it.


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