Help me send a class to school

As we are approaching the holiday season this year and people are already out shopping, I decided to set a personal goal to raise enough money to send the next Kindergarten class to school for one year. For anyone who is thinking of getting me a gift, this is the best gift I could hope for.Helping Hands For India

I’ve been involved in Helping Hands For India since the beginning. I have visited the school many times; the children are close to my heart. We have been providing quality education to almost 300 children since we opened the school in 2014. Sansar Gyaan Pathshala, which means ‘World Knowledge Lessons’ is located on an organic farm, classes are offered in English and Hindi; yoga and meditation is a daily part of our curriculum.

It only costs about $100 to educate one child for an entire year! This covers books and school supplies and pays for teachers’ salaries. I’m committed to raise the money through donations and sales of my book Life Reboot. I will match donations dollar for dollar (up to $500).

We have so much abundance, let’s spread the love and prosperity this season. I appreciate all of your help to make this happen.

Thank you!