Writing rubbish! This is life

As I’m getting ready to head to Brazil to work on my next book (Guided by Love), a suggestion from my editor was to look back a few years into my journals, from where my last book left off around 2011. I came across an entry from about a year ago, when I had just finished a long journey and arrived back in India.

It was a typical brain dump in my journal. Writing helps me to relax.

It feels both mundane and interesting as I re-read it.


March 4, 2017

Just finished staring at the wall. Feeling zoned out from jetlag. The long journey is over. It was fairly uneventful, which is good. Brain is mush, nothing insightful to share. Enjoy the downtime.

An open mind, an open heart. Practicing compassion. There are some Buddhist practices I’m rediscovering in The Dalai Lama’s book of the same title.

My two day headache is finally gone. Remnants of period and 24-hour travel! My ankles still look swollen from the flight. I will be back to normal in no time.

Must learn some Russian. I just about fell asleep sitting up. I’m writing rubbish, time for bed.


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