Train your mind into the present

Look forwards, not backwards

There are common roadblocks that many people face when it comes to taking action and moving forward on your path. Do you have regrets? Do you find yourself lamenting over the past, wishing you had acted or said something differently in a particular situation? Or even wishing you had chosen a different path in life?

I’ve often replayed situations in my mind hundreds of times over, where I wished I had said something different, wished I had behaved differently towards someone. The continuous replay in my mind doesn’t serve me. Instead I’ve learned to make amends and apologize when I can if I’ve made a mistake. If I don’t have the opportunity to offer an apology then I need to forgive myself and move on instead of focusing on the past situation that I cannot change anyway.

Could have, should have, would have

If you are the king or queen of ‘should have’ or ‘could have’, instead of focusing on the past, ask yourself how you will be the next time a similar situation comes up so that you can do better in the future.

When you are frequently living in the past wondering what you could have or should have done, it’s self-defeating and a drain on your energy. It takes time away from moving you forward towards what you really want to accomplish.

Train your mind to live in the present

You may have to drop the behaviour of living in the past hundreds of times before it goes away. Once you are aware of this habit and you catch yourself dwelling on past, negative experiences, change your thoughts to something positive and don’t judge yourself for having this habit. Over time you will train your mind to be present. You will be able to look forwards to your future, instead of living in the past.

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