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I have known Sarah for the past eight years and have developed a strong respect for her discipline and professionalism as a project manager, yoga teacher and as a coach. Sarah is insightful and focused. She not only understands the coaching process intimately, she also has the ability to tap into her intuitive skills to give maximum benefit to her clients. She is a caring person who can also bring fun and light-heartedness into the coaching conversation.

Barb Pierce 
Director, Coaching Horizons

I initially wasn’t clear on why or comprehend the need for a “personal and business coach” - within a very short amount of time of talking with Sarah it became clear how important it would be to me, especially as a small business owner. Having an outside voice has become imperative to my success to help me work through personal and business road bumps and blocks. Sarah’s soft calming voice, professionalism and extensive education created the perfect coach – I would highly recommend Sarah! You will probably have the same regret as I after doing sessions with her – “Why didn’t I do this sooner!”

Brandon Elliot 

Sarah is one of life's truly beautiful souls. In the time that she was my mentor/teacher she taught me to believe in my own capacity to make the right decisions and not to be afraid to follow my heart where it was leading me. In times of difficulties I often find myself holding onto her words, as they give me a sense of calmness and suddenly an unbearable situation can seem manageable again. I am only at the start of my spiritual journey but one day I hope I will be as far along the path as Sarah is. Until then I will willingly accept her guidance and support to help me along the way.

Louise Hampton 
Social Worker

Through marriage I inherited the most lovely and wonderful relative. At first these people are just a name and a story of people who matter a great deal to my husband but live in Canada - then one day this piece of Canada came to live in Edinburgh, my city. Sarah came over at a time when I probably needed the most calm, confidence and inner being - the pregnancy and delivery of our son. Not only did she come every week; for nearly a year; to help me spend a few hours focusing on my mind and body and forget about medical practice which invariably is stressful, emotional and busy - she helped to guide me in lots of thought provoking discussion, view sharing and ideas. I think this woman is an incredible source of boundless calm and energy. She has prioritised inner health and wealth of spirit and helped me to steal a bit of time to do the same and hence stay healthier and happier. I feel so lucky to have not only inherited a lovely relative but to have a friend and mentor and role model such as Sarah in my life. Thank you Sarah. Yours truly and sincerely.

Dr Sigi Joseph Colquhoun 
Family Physician

Sarah introduced me to Yoga. I'll be forever thankful to her. She has this amazing ability of understanding where you come from, then she gives you perfect guidance. For a beginner like myself, she provides several alternatives to certain movements. So you feel like you can actually do it, instead of getting frustrated and giving up. She's always positive, warm and a pleasure to be around. I'm looking forward to joining her again.

Fabiana Azevedo 
Product Manager

I worked with Sarah for a little over six months at a time when I needed clarity and focus in my work. Sarah served as a gentle guide nudging me along my own path of discovery. She used a combination of intuitive meditations and guiding inquiry to help raise my awareness and remove blockages to get me moving toward the goals that I needed to reach. The process combined calm and laughter as we probed the journey that I was on. I strongly recommend working with her to move along the way.

Annika Hylmo 

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