Sarah Wall - Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, Business CoachI’m an author, speaker, yoga teacher and business coach.

I’ve been working in information technology, and practicing and teaching yoga for two decades. I’m living my best life by combining my passion for helping others with my entrepreneurial spirit.

Business Coach

I oversee the implementation of wellness initiatives in the workplace. I also offer holistic leadership coaching services for organizations and entrepreneurs. As a coach, I believe that your thoughts create your reality and success is measured by how you feel. When you slow down and look within, you will find that you already know the answers to life’s questions.

Yoga Teacher

As a yoga and meditation teacher, and Reiki master I lead international workshops and retreats, helping people to explore their inner world through yoga, while traveling to beautiful destinations. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into my life has been essential to my own well-being and peace of mind.


I’m proud of my role on the board of Helping Hands for India. We are a registered charity who have built a school in northern India and are providing education to 300 children.

Author and Speaker

I’m the author of the book Life Reboot: An Inner Wisdom Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose, available now on Amazon and Kindle. I inspire people to make the most out of life by leading workshops and speaking at conferences and events.
Sarah Wall, author, speaker

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