SarahWhether you’re looking to make changes in your business or personal life, I believe that your thoughts create your reality and success is measured by how you feel.

When you slow down and look within, you will find that you already know the answers to your questions. As your coach, I will help you tune into your body wisdom, observe your mind and elevate your spirit. When you show up differently, your life changes very quickly.

After two decades of working in the tech industry and practicing yoga I decided to fully embrace my best life by combining my passions for helping others with my entrepreneurial spirit. I completed a leadership and life coaching program in 2015, then launched my second business as a coach.

I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, and Reiki master who leads international workshops and retreats, helping people to explore their inner world through yoga, while traveling to beautiful destinations. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into my life has been essential to my own well-being and peace of mind. Download your FREE guide – 5 ways to combat stress in 5 minutes.

I’m most proud of being a board member of Helping Hands for India. We have built a school in northern India and are providing education to 300 children.

I’m the author of the book Life Reboot: An Inner Wisdom Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose, available now on Amazon and Kindle.


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